Location: 803 E. Mason Street Mabank, Texas, 75147
Services: Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing design.
Category: Warehouse and process facility
Area: 18,700 sq. Ft
Software: AutoCAD, HAP 5.11, Bluebeam, COMcheck, McQuay Duct sizer.

The project involved designing the MEP system for the 18,700 sq ft warehouse and manufacturing facility. A significant challenge during the project was to deliver efficient heating, cooling, and ventilation systems.

The mechanical engineering team performed a thorough heat load calculation utilizing HAP software to ascertain the precise heating and cooling needs of the facility. In alignment with these requirements, the 3S team actively participated in the selection process for a gas furnace, unit heaters, exhaust fans, and intake wall louvers tailored to the specific demands of the process area. Additionally, our expertise extended to the design of the HVAC ductwork system catering to the breakroom and storage areas.

The plumbing design includes cold/hot water distribution, sanitary waste system, vent system, and gas piping system. 

The electrical design phase encompasses the development of Power and lighting Layouts with Single Line Diagrams (SLD) and the creation of panel schedules. A notable challenge in the electrical aspect of the project involved ensuring the safeguarding of equipment and fixtures against dust, necessitating the implementation of NEMA-12 protection standards.