Plumbing Design

Plumbing design

Our experienced engineers provide Plumbing design for major industrial, commercial, residential, and retail projects. Our team specializes in design and inspection for complex buildings. Familiar with all applicable codes, standards, and facility guidelines, we focus on the sustainable design of systems including compressed air, vacuum, lab and medical gas, purified water, lab, and medical waste drains/treatment as well as domestic water, sanitary, and natural gas.

Our plumbing engineering designs include floor plans, Riser diagrams, schedules, equipment, specifications, and construction details relating to plumbing equipment, pipework, and other related fittings and accessories.


Hot Water System Design

Cold Water System Design

Hot Water Return System Design

Sanitary System Design

Vent Piping Design

Grease Waste System Design.

Compressed Air & Vacuum System Design

Lab & Medical Waste Treatment Design

Strom Drainage Design

Rain Water Harvesting System Design

Gas Piping Design

Lab & Medical Gas Piping

Plumbing Riser Diagram

Commercial Kitchen Design

Commercial Laundry Design

Plumbing Design Services

Suggested: 3S MEP + S provides plumbing design services for all types of buildings: residential, office/ IT buildings, high-rise towers, luxury hotels, hospitals, malls, and large infrastructure projects. Our design solutions are optimally economical, sustainable, energy-efficient and easy to maintain at a low operating cost.

Various System Components

Booster Pump

Roof Tank

Backflow Preventer Design

Riser Replacement

Floor Drains

Detention Tank

Retention Tank

Septic Tank


Sump Pump

Sewage Ejector Pump

Gas Booster Pump