Location: Hutchinson, Reno County, Kansas 
Services: Mechanical
Category: Salon
Area : 7,500 sq. Ft
Software: Autocad, HAP5.1, Caps Greenheck, Bluebeam

Project Scope:

The project involved providing mechanical design services for the Glow Salon Studio located in Hutchinson, Reno County, Kansas. The salon spanned an area of 7,500 sq. ft. and comprised various sections, including tanning rooms, spa rooms, storage areas, a small kitchen area, a waiting room, and a lobby for client waiting areas. The main focus of the HVAC design was to address the cooling, heating, and ventilation requirements of the different areas, with special attention given to the design of the tanning bed exhaust system for proper ventilation.

Project Challenge:

Challenge on the project included Designing a ventilation system that effectively removes exhaust from each tanning bed and provides appropriate make-up air to maintain natural pressure and ventilation in the tanning area. The most significant obstacle faced during the project was achieving and maintaining proper ventilation and pressure within the salon. This challenge required careful consideration and planning to ensure that all areas received adequate ventilation without compromising the overall design or necessitating significant modifications.

Project Outcome:

By utilizing furnaces in conjunction with a conditioning unit system, the project successfully addressed the cooling, heating, and ventilation requirements of the Glow Salon Studio. The tanning bed exhaust system was designed to effectively remove exhaust from each bed and provide make-up air based on pressure and temperature measurements, ensuring proper ventilation and maintaining natural pressure in the tanning area. The project delivered a functional and efficient mechanical design that met the client’s requirements while overcoming the challenges related to ventilation and pressure maintenance.