Location: Momence, Illinois  
Services: Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing design.
Category: Restaurant and Bar
Area: 4,700 sq. Ft
Software: AutoCAD, HAP 5.1, Bluebeam, COMcheck, McQuay Duct sizer.

3S MEP provided mechanical, electrical, and plumbing design services for a Restaurant and bar in Momence, Illinois. This is an existing historic bank building to be converted into a restaurant and bar. The project aimed to seamlessly integrate modern amenities while preserving the structural integrity of the building.

Our team meticulously engineered the system to provide optimal temperature control, air circulation, and ventilation throughout the facility, enhancing the comfort of employees and customers alike. By implementing advanced HVAC technologies and employing our expertise in system design, we ensured seamless integration of the various components, allowing for efficient operation and minimal energy consumption.

Aside from the HVAC system, we carefully developed a thorough strategy for the domestic water and sanitary waste systems, taking into account the facility’s specific requirements. Our team also designed a specialized grease system for the Kitchen service, ensuring the safe and efficient management of waste in compliance with local regulations and best practices.

In the electrical design, we performed the load calculation to upgrade the electrical utility service which requires thorough attention to the different aspects of demand factors and power requirements. Also, we prepared detailed layouts of power and smart controlling of lights.   

Throughout the project, we faced the key challenge of balancing the provision of sufficient ventilation, lighting, and power for the entire facility. It was imperative to ensure that these essential elements were adequately integrated without the need for frequent design changes or modifications. Our team successfully coordinated the MEP components, working closely with the stakeholders to address any potential conflicts and optimize the system layout.