Location: Fort Mill, South Carolina
Services: Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing
Category: Sports Arena
Area: 11,670 sq. ft
Software: AutoCAD, HAP5.11, Bluebeam, McQuay Duct sizer, McQuay Pipe sizer, etc.

3S MEP+S provided the design, of the Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing systems for “SC BATTING CAGE”, in Fort Mill, South Carolina. This sports facility is designed to provide professional-grade batting practice and training sessions. The project aimed to create a comfortable and safe environment for athletes while optimizing energy efficiency and operational performance.

The 11,670 sq. ft. batting cage provides space to practice, play, and have fun. The heating, cooling, and ventilation were designed to keep the temperature and humidity within comfortable limits. The design was made for air to move all around the batting cages without interrupting the aerodynamics of the game. Intake louver and exhaust hood systems were provided to provide optimum ventilation.

Plumbing design incorporated water conservation techniques, including the use of low-flow water sense fixtures. Code required thermostatic mixing valves were specified for occupant safety.

In terms of electrical design, 3S MEP created a lighting layout considering footcandle value requirements based on IECC 2009 and also selected the appropriate light fixtures including the power and fire alarm layout following the client requirements and NEC/NFPA codes.

One of the biggest complexities was that the existing space was to be converted into a batting cage that was previously built as an office with minimal ventilation and lighting. 3S had to coordinate with the owner, architect, utility, etc. to bring the building up to code for the new use.