Location: Naperville, IL
Services: Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing design.
Category: Dental Clinic
Area: 9,870 sq. ft
Software: AutoCAD, HAP 5.11, Bluebeam, COMcheck, McQuay Duct sizer

3S MEP provided comprehensive mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) design services for a Core and shell Space and a Dental Clinic. The 14,000 sq ft building consisted of four tenant spaces, and a 9000 sq ft dental clinic. 3S team successfully delivered the MEP design of this project.

3S MEP executed a comprehensive heat load calculation for this commercial project, aiming to ascertain the optimal heating and cooling needs for the designated space. Utilizing the data gathered from the calculations, our team proficiently devised HVAC systems that adeptly circulate conditioned air throughout the entire structure. To satisfy the project’s heating and cooling requirements, we conscientiously opted for rooftop units (RTUs), prioritizing both comfort and energy efficiency. The thoughtful integration of these mechanical design components will deliver a pleasant and healthful environment for the occupants.

The plumbing design aspect of the project was entrusted to the expertise of the 3S plumbing team. We responsibly designed the domestic water supply and sanitary waste management. The team ensured that the plumbing systems were efficient, reliable, and compliant with relevant codes and regulations. Furthermore, 3S MEP developed a detailed plumbing fixture schedule for the building.

The project encompassed electrical design services, collaborating closely with a Dental Clinic design specialist to ensure a harmonious integration of functionality and

energy efficiency. The team performed comprehensive load calculations to accurately assess electrical demand, tailoring the electrical system design accordingly. A detailed Single-Line Diagram (SLD) was crafted to visually represent the electrical connections and distribution throughout the facility.